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If you want to record an electric instrument, you can plug it directly on a pocket recorder or a smartphone.


To record an acoustic instrument : use a microphone.

- a clip microphone that you put in your guitar.

if you get too much wind you can block the sound hole.


- Or with a hand mike.

In that case you must use a filter not to have the wind sound directly on the microphone.

If you don’t have a wind screen, you can use women nylon stockings or a light cotton tissue.
For an acoustic guitar you can also try to put the microphone inside it.


Sound level

Automatic sound level is pretty good now on pocket recorders.
If you adjust the sound level manually, keep a good margin in case of a higher wind sound level.
If the sound level is really low, maybe you don’t have enough wind ?

Unwanted noises

You must listen what you are recording with headphones to identify unwanted noises.

Direct wind

Try to move the microphone or it’s direction.
Try to use a wind screen or a filter.

Hand noises on the microphone

Don’t touch the mike, fix it on a stand.

Surrounding noises

Maybe you need to change the location of your recording.
If your recorder have a filter, you can choose to cut all the very low frequencies.



After your recording session you can edit it to keep only the best parts.
There is a good free software http://audacity.sourceforge.net/?lang=en

Become a “music from the wind” hunter
It’s not so easy but you will love the process of recording in the wind.