CD Kase


"A rock and japanese version of Vent de Guitares first geo acoustic creation. A mix of occidental rock with Japanese traditionnal music and 32 guitars played by the wind."

Kazé means wind in japanese.

"The harmony between nature, japanese tradition, technology & urban culture...unheard-of" Oimachi Shimbun/Japan 

"Modern french japanese culture merging" Asahi shimbun/Japan 

"Waouh, it's more psychedelic than I thought" Fukuoka style /Japan 

"Merging with a quasi mystical dimension" Sud Ouest/France

In 1999, the french & canadian composer Garlo made the artistic creation Kazé in Japan. 32 guitars + furins, bamboos flutes and flags were installed in the wind. Open tuning guitars and other sounds were mainly played by the wind. With the geo acoustic recordings, some gigs took place in Fukuoka with european rock musicians and japanese traditional musicians french & japanese texts and songs.
This is Earth Music !


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